How To Draw A Knight’s Helmet -

How To Draw A Knight’s Helmet

How To Draw A Knight’s Helmet

Knights were noble and valiant warriors in medieval times who stood for certain chivalric principles.

Their distinctive armor and helmets were also well-known. These are well-known today due to their portrayals on many media pieces.

These armor elements are well-known, but when people try to draw a knight’s helmet, they may find it more difficult than they expected.

Although it can be difficult, it is possible to make it easier with the right tutorial. This is exactly what this tutorial is!

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This step-by-step guide will help you draw the iconic knight’s helmet.

1st Step:

The first step in our guide to drawing a helmet is to draw the outline. You can start by drawing a curve for the top of your helmet.

Next, draw a small section that extends from the original part. Then, move it inwards and down a little.

This is the outline of the visor. You can see the reference image to show how it should look!

The final step is to draw a line on each side, then draw more lines down towards the base of your helmet.

Next, you will move on to the next step of this guide!

2nd Step:

We will continue the knight’s helmet drawing by adding details around the ears and the base of helmet. These would be over the shoulders.

Let’s begin with the ear parts. These can be drawn by adding small curve lines to the areas where the ears would be at the sides.

Next, we’ll use more curves to draw the base section which would extend over the shoulders.

It will have a curved bottom and a rim around it as shown in the reference photo.

3rd Step:

Your work on is outstanding! This guide will show you how to draw a knight’s helmet. We will continue to draw the plume and details of the helmet’s visor. We will first focus on the plume.

This is the large, feathery tail that will be visible from the top. Start by drawing a small flat shape at the top of your helmet to draw the base.

To give the plume a texture, we will use curved lines with sharp edges.

Next, draw a horizontally curved line at the top of your helmet to make the top part of the visor.

Next, draw two slightly curved squares at the base and top of the helmet.

4th Step:

Now you can add finer details to your helmet and plume. Add some curves to the visor, starting at the helmet’s top.

Next, draw a rectangle-shaped, long shape on the inside of his visor to create the hole that he would see through.

Add texture lines to the plume outline and add more lines to the base of your helmet. These details will be completed and you can move on to the next section.

5th Step:

The fifth step in , our guide on drawing a knight’s helmet, will be about finishing the details before you color it.

We will first be adding dots to the top of your visor and between the sections of the chestplate. These will be the bolts that hold the joints together.

Next, create some rectangles inside the visor’s faceplate for the breathing holes.

Add some detail to the eye opening of your visor, and some lines to the plume.

You will be ready to move on to the next step once you have completed these details. Make sure you add any details to your drawings! Do you want to draw the background, or perhaps more armor that this knight is wearing?

6th Step:

Now it’s time to add color to this knight’s helmet design! We used a few grey shades for the helmet’s metal in our reference image.

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