Hey, young artists. Welcome to Who are the Knights? The brave warriors of medieval times, clad in armor made of a metal fight with each other in the battle between the roses. They are now the heroes of fantasy, who battle orcs, goblins, and minotaurs. Let’s get started with the drawing lessons and discover the art of drawing an easy knight!

Step 1
In the beginning, we have to sketch out the skeleton of a knight. With a circle, sketch out the head. Draw out the body using gentle lines as well as loose lines. In this drawing, the knight holds a sword and shield. However, you are able to select any other position. Torso height is equal to 2 head sizes. The legs’ height is equal to the height of your torso.

Step 2
Draw out the lines of facial symmetry. These lines must be drawn at the center of your face. Draw the outline of the sword and shield. By drawing a wavy line, you can trace the tuft onto the helmet. By using a cylinder, create the neck.

Step 3
The shoulders should be drawn using circles. Draw the torso into a shape that resembles the shape of a rectangle. Draw the visible arm comprised of two equal two cylinders.

Step 4
Create the triangle pelvis in our illustration. Draw the legs each made up of two equal cylindrical cylinders. Draw the feet in the image below.

Step 5
Draw the visor. It is the portion of the helmet that has eye openings. Draw the lines of the neck by curves. Eliminate the unneeded guidelines and any extra strokes. Smooth and shade the lines.

Step 6
The shoulder protectors (gardbraces) are according to our illustration. Remove the lines from the body. Make the breastplate as well as the tasset (the portion of the armor that helps protect your pelvis).

Step 7
Eliminate the guidelines of the arms. Draw the specifics that make up the arms protectors. Make sure to circle the lines so that you can create a smooth and neat. Draw the sword with straight lines. Try drawing these lines with no ruler.

Step 8
We’re at the end part of the lesson on drawing an elven knight, especially for novices. Create the knee guards as a part of a Rhombus. Eliminate the useless leg guidelines. Draw a circle around those lines on the legs in order to ensure they are smooth and tidy. Draw lines of the feet to form the armored strips

This was a drawing class on the art of drawing the knight for those who are new to drawing. We hope that you enjoyed the drawing lessons. If you enjoyed the drawing lessons, sign up for our weekly updates on Google Plus.

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