how to draw a knife

This week, members at will demonstrate what to draw with the knife. It is among the oldest inventions to be found in the history of man. With this guideline on drawing an object with a knife, you can draw a dagger as well as any kind of short sword. The knife is a straightforward drawing object. The entire process was divided into six simple steps Each of them is highlighted with red lines.

Therefore, grab the pencil, and make paper. Then, you can begin the process of learning to draw an ax.


Step 1

Start with the top part of the blade. With a long and slightly curved line on the tip, show the top of the knife.




Step 2

Then, draw the lower edge of the knife The cutting edge. It must be in line with the form that the upper line has. Make these lines as even and smooth as possible.




Step 3

Draw the grip similar to what the designers of depicted in the drawing below. It is possible to recreate the look of the grip like in our illustration or create your own concept.




Step 4

Three rivets are shown within the hand. They are used to join the handle of your knife with the blade. It is possible to add wood texture to the grip or even draw an edge sharpening line along the edge.




Step 5

With an eraser, clear your drawing with a knife to remove any guidelines. With a darker pen or pencil, draw your work to make it more clear and more pleasing to the eye.




Step 6

The next step is for you to color the blade. Choose light gray or light blue to paint the blades. To make the grip choose black, brown, and any color you like. You could also draw designs on the blade, or grip.




If you have read these lines, you have learned to draw the knife. As we’ve said before it’s a simple instruction, and using it, you will be able to draw not just the knife, but also a range of cutting tools.

Drawing with a knife is an excellent addition to life. You can put this piece on top of the flame, book, or feather.

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