how to draw a kiwi

In this instructional video, we’ll show how to draw what to draw a Kiwi. This is a tropical fruit this time. This is the second lesson in the series of super-easy drawing tutorials for novices. We pay a lot of focus on simple lessons because they are precisely the things that help budding artists begin to believe in themselves. This is a really vital aspect.


Step 1

The next step is drawing a kiwi using the standard oval shape. It is an uneven and Asymmetrical oval that has been slightly flat from the top and bottom.





Step 2

In this process, we draw the stalks of Kiwi. We chose to put this stalk to the left of our fruit. It is possible to first sketch a small oval surrounding it with short circular shapes.





Step 3

Have you ever had a kiwi on your hands? Every person who took a bite of this fruit had odd sensations. The kiwi has thick fibers that look similar to the length of hard, short wool. In this stage, we draw out the texture in shorter vertical bars.





Step 4

Then we will continue the instruction on drawing the Kiwi. Let’s take a look at the outcomes of our efforts. If there are any errors that need to be rectified, they can be fixed at this point. Additionally, here we remove the additional lines that were created in the previous steps if they’re there.





Step 5

Choose a lighter brown shade to tint our fruit. The stalk needs to be sprayed with darker brown. If you wish to draw a kiwi that is still in its embryonic stage then you could paint it with a light green hue.




This tutorial was a step-by-step guide on drawing the Kiwi. We hope that this drawing lesson was informative and helpful for you. If you’d like to get acquainted using the same basic lessons, we suggest you check out our tutorials on drawing the shape of a cherry and drawing soccer balls. Be sure to check back regularly and stay tuned for more drawing tips from

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