The group of artists from 3DVKARTS welcomes you to a drawing class on drawing the kiwi likely to be the most bizarre bird that lives on Earth.

Step 1
Kiwi is a peculiar bird, and the design that the illustration depicts is odd: a small head and a comparatively larger body.

Step 2
In the previous step, add an extended beak, enlarge the neck, and draw out the legs.

Step 3
Draw the kiwi using “fluffy” lines and then cut off all the lines that are auxiliary. Draw out then the eyes and the beak. Make the legs more slender.

Step 4
Kiwi feathers are similar to hairs with thin hairs. Therefore, they are drawn using short and thin strokes.

Step 5
Draw the drawing darker towards the edges by hatching. If you follow our suggestions and you’ll be able to find a bird called a kiwi.

It was a pretty easy tutorial on drawing a Kiwi bird at the conclusion of which we were able to draw an extremely real Kiwi drawing.

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