This guide will show you how to draw a cat kitty. This tutorial is easy to adapt for any skill level.

This isn’t the first or last drawing of a cat on We’ve already demonstrated how to draw realistic cartoon cats.

Drawing a cat is easy because it doesn’t have too many shadows or details.

The first step, which is similar to many drawing guides, will be crucial. We will draw the basic outline of the cat’s body.

Step 1

What do a child and a cat do? Both have unique body proportions. The head of a baby is larger than that of a kitten. Let’s draw the outline of the head and two other rounded shapes, which form the contours of the body.

Step 2

We continue our guide on drawing a cat. Adult cats are graceful with long legs. It is not surprising that cats are fast and agile. Because their legs are short and narrow, kittens can be slow and clumsy. In this step, we’ll draw the paws. They look like small, rounded, short shapes.

Step 3

Each part of the kitten’s body is adorable. They are adorable, and they are so cute with their ears. This step will create a round vertical outline for the tail and ears.

Step 4

Let’s now add eyes to the kitty cat drawing. As you can see the eyes are displaced towards the bottom of the head. Our kitten’s eyes look like large, round figures that are slightly angled. Our kitten also has large, rounded pupils.

Step 5

This is the time to draw our kitten’s lower half. We will create a small mushroom shape to do this. In this area, we also include a few oval shapes. These oval shapes are the nose and cheeks of the kitten.

Step 6

We now have a sketch of the cute kitten. In this step, we will create smaller details. Let’s begin by drawing the inside ears of the kitten. Although we won’t be capable of drawing all of the hair on the kitten’s body with just a few strokes, we can sketch small sections of it.

Step 7

We will continue to add details. We will now draw rounded, short toes. As you can see, your fingers protrude slightly in the forward direction. This effect can be achieved by drawing small horizontal lines at each finger’s top.

Step 8

We are now very close to finishing this guide on drawing a cat. This step will erase any extra lines from the previous steps. We will also draw a pencil around our kitten’s body, including its eyes and other parts. You will need to push the pencil harder at this stage. We create soft fur effects on the kitten’s chest, ears, and belly using short strokes.

Step 9

Our kitten drawings will be more alive and realistic if we focus more on the eyes. This effect can be achieved by painting over the pupils with dense one-layer shading. Make sure you leave enough space for highlights as in the sample. You can also add shading to the body of your kitten.

Step 10

You will be able to create a drawing of a cat in the same way as the one created by

We are grateful that you found this drawing tutorial on drawing a cat kitten helpful. We value your feedback and opinions. We appreciate your feedback.

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