This drawing tutorial will show you how to draw a kitten. It’s easy, just like many tutorials. This guide was created for beginners and children. Try drawing this adorable pet!


How to Draw a Kitten

Step 1: Draw the base

First, draw the head and torso. It appears like two rounded shapes located at the center of a sheet.


Step 2: Draw the face of your kitten

Second, draw facial features. The outlines of the nose, eyes, and mouth should be drawn. Use smooth lines. Because of the smoothed angles, the nose doesn’t look triangular.


Step 3 – Add an additional pair of ears

The third step is to draw the ears. There are only two triangles. The border is formed by the medial sides of both triangles. The smaller hatching appears in the lower triangles.


Step 4: Draw the details of your face

Add whiskers and pupils. Make sure that the facial features appear in the lower half. This is the usual proportion for many cat breeds.


Step 5: Draw the kitten’s front paws

Draw the proximal paws. These three lines should be drawn in the correct place. The legs shouldn’t be too long. Use the height of your torso to guide you.


Step 6 – Add the contours to the toes

Draw the distal part of our cat’s claws. Below, you can see that both paws have the same straight horizontal lines. Smooth arcs can be seen from the top. These lines represent vertical lines that separate your toes.


Step 7 – Draw the kitten’s front feet

Contrary to the front legs, the hind legs have a slight curve. The upper part of the body has a wide profile and curves in a noticeable way.


Step 8 – Draw the paws

Draw the hind legs for our cat. These large, rounded figures are separated by smooth vertical lines.


Step 9 – Draw your tail

Add the tail. The tail can be any size or position you like. We chose to keep it cartoonish by choosing a ponytail that is short and wide.


Step 10 – Make sure you clean up the sketch

Remove any extra lines left over from previous steps. Take a look at the whole drawing. Correct any errors or inaccuracies.


Step 11 – Color your kitten

You can choose any color to make this beautiful cat happy. The best color for the eyes is green. To draw shadows, make sure to use a darker version.

We hope that you are pleased with the outcome. We look forward to receiving your comments and letters. When choosing topics for new posts, we often consider your opinions.

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