Dear artists and fans of drawing lessons that are interesting. On our website, there is an entire category titled “easy drawing” in which there are many various weapon types, such as swords as well as daggers. We decided today to create an instructional video about the more peaceful version of these objects. It is a lesson on drawing the Kitchen knife.

Step 1
In the beginning, we’ll have to draw the top edges of our knife. To do this draw a line that curves to the other side.

Step 2
Follow the same line as the previous step. Draw out the blade and point it from our knife for kitchen use.

Step 3
We now draw out the handle of the knife. You can observe we draw the most commonly used shape of kitchen knives.

Step 4
Draw the line that is the cut edge along the blade. On the handle, you can draw three rivets.

Step 5
Utilizing shorter diagonal lines, draw the glare. Next, using dense hatching draw shadows.

It was a demonstration of the drawing process of the cutting board for a kitchen. We believe that it was a simple task. Did you encounter any issues with making the drawings? If yes, inform us in the comments section below this article. In case you’ve read this article, this article was published within the category “Still Life”, since we decided to separate it from the subject of weapons. After all, no one wants kitchen knives to be used for easy drawing.


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