The instruction on drawing the Kingfisher will be easy as we have broken it down into a handful of very simple steps. It is referred to as the “step-by-step drawing method” that will assist you to draw even for those who hold a pencil with them at first in life. So, get your favorite drawing tool and begin drawing.

Step 1
The basic idea is drawing two ovals that intersect, slightly inclined.

Step 2
Draw out a long, sharp beak along with the wings and tail. After the step, sketch out the feet and the tree where our kingfisher is likely to rest.

Step 3
Connect the two parts using contour lines. Draw the eye and beak lines, as well as the wings and beak.

Step 4
Take out all the rules from the initial steps. Make sure you draw the outline of our Kingfisher drawing. Draw feathers and strips onto the head.

Step 5
The final step is, as per tradition we’ll take care of shadows, making them visible using the traditional hatching.

We have already mentioned that the instruction on drawing the Kingfisher is divided into a number of steps that are simple to follow. Although the subject is drawing a crocodile, this tutorial is suitable for drawing nearly every bird because the fundamentals of drawing an image are the same for all kinds of birds. You are therefore free to apply the techniques and guidelines in this instructional video and draw your most loved birds. A very important point to you is that on the most well-known social networks we’ve created pages that publish all updates, as well as shortened renditions of some of our drawings tutorials Make sure to make the effort to subscribe.

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