How to Draw a Killer Whale

This drawing tutorial will teach you how to draw a killer whale, a whale that has a very creepy name.

The appearance of this whale is very similar to that of a dolphin. In general, the process of drawing a killer whale is similar to drawing a dolphin.

This drawing instruction will teach you how to draw a killer whale.


How to draw a killer whale

Step 1: Sketch the Outlines for the Killer Whale

You can draw the killer whale’s body in a large oval shape using very thin lines that are almost invisible. The body of the killer whale is now more like a bean.

Step 2: Draw the Upper Jaw

Sketch the upper jaw using a few lines. This section of the killer whale’s body should be as accurate as possible.




Step 3 – Draw your Lower Jaw

Next, draw the lower jaw following the same pattern as the upper. The upper and lower jaws’ outlines are identical.




Step 4 – Draw the Tail

The tail is located at the back of the killer whale’s body. The tail contours are very similar to those of the U-shaped letter.




Step 5: Draw the Dorsal Fin

On the back of the killer whale, draw a large fin. The fin should be shaped like an elongated, slightly curved pyramid.




Step 6 – Draw your pectoral fin

Draw the pectoral fin using just a few lines. You can check the accuracy of your entire drawing every now and again by looking through a mirror.




Step 7 – Draw your Tail Fin

This is a very easy step that will help you draw the tail fin. Remember that we view the tail fin of the whale from the side when drawing it.




Step 8 – Draw the patterns on the body

Use light lines to draw the patterns. You can copy the pattern we have drawn of the killer whales as closely as you like.




Step 9 – Delete the Guidelines

You should not touch the important lines when erasing auxiliary lines from your killer- whale drawing. You can then darken the lines at the end.




Step 10 – Color your Killer Whale Drawing

To colorize your sketch, use a combination of white and black. Shadows can be used to make your killer whale drawing appear larger.




Here are some traditional tips to make your drawn killer whale more amazing.

You can draw different fish, squids, and other sea creatures around the killer whale. This will demonstrate that the drawn creature doesn’t fly in the air but instead swims in its natural environment.

You can also draw a killer whale leaping out of the water like in Free Willy.

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