How To Draw A Killer Whale Step by Step -

How To Draw A Killer Whale Step by Step

How To Draw A Killer Whale Step by Step

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

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Step 1

This tutorial will begin on drawing killer whales by drawing the animal’s face and its dorsal fin.

In general killer whales are known to have a very curvaceous shape, which is why we’ll make use of a lot of curves in this photograph.

Now , let’s make use of one of these circles to build an image of the head of a killer whale. The head’s top will be extended inwards to create an extremely pointed mouth like the one in the illustration.

Use round lines to form the bottom of the head of the killer whale. The next step is the pectoral fin, which is a huge round piece that extends below the body.

Last but not least, draw the first lines for the dorsal fin that is on the body. Once we have that, we can move to the next step.

Step 2. Draw the rest of your body contour
The second stage of drawing a killer whale it is to finish the outline of the remainder of the body.

Then, draw another pectoral fin near the base of the body , to be able to match the other fin.

Then, you can extend a lovely wave-like line that runs back from this fin towards the belly of the killer whale, then draw a longer, more round line to the back after you’ve cut your dorsal fin.

Finalize your drawing of the fin to the bottom of the killer whale. then continue to step 3.

Step 3: Next create a sketch of the killer whale.
You’ve completed the outline of the drawing. Now we can begin adding details inside this killer whale.

Begin by drawing the jaw’s bottom and add teeth to the lower row. After drawing then add a small outline to the contour of the face to create the eyes of a killer whale.

To conclude this third step, we’ll begin creating finer details to the whale’s body and face in order to provide it with more depth with respect to its body form.

Step 4 – Now sketch additional interior details for the killer whale.
Following the steps from the first step in the drawing of the killer whale, we’ll add some specifics to the body and fins.

These details are minimal, but will add an extra dimension to the animal. Create lines that follow the contours of pectoral fins, as well as their caudal fins.

You can also include some curvilinear details to the center of the whale’s body. Once you’ve drawn all of these elements, it’s time to do one final tweak at the next stage.

Step 5 – Add Final Details to Your Killer Whale Drawing
Killer whales aren’t just well-known for their hunting abilities and their intelligence, but also because of the distinctive markings they sport.

We’ll add the body marks in this section of our drawing killer whale drawing tutorial. it will help you prepare for the next step in which you’ll be coloring your work!

First, draw the circle with sharp edges close to the killer whale’s eyes. We’ll then draw some circles and curves close to the animal’s back, face and the belly.

This can help to make the kinds of forms that are common to killer whales.

Once these details are sketched after which you are able to make some modifications that you have created!

It’s enjoyable to create a sea-themed background and then include killer whales or any other sea animal you’d like to see.

Step 6 – Complete your killer whale drawing using the color
It is now time to finish this killer whale sketch in the final stage in this guide. We mentioned previously that this step will help you complete your work in color and perfect it.

Killer whales sport a simple color palette that consists of white and black, and although they might not be very vibrant, they have an incredibly distinctive appearance!

Although they are available in two main colors, you can mix and match various colors of black and give an extra dimension to your look. For white parts we used lighter beige hues to make the look more lively.

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