How To Draw A Killer Klown

How To Draw A Killer Klown

Step one:

Draw a simple circle around the head. Then draw on the face guidelines.

Step two:

Utilize the head guide to begin drawing out the outline of the gruesome Klown’s face shape. The hairline is composed of curly frames.

Step three:

Follow these guidelines for drawing the thick, cloudy-shaped eyebrows. Draw in a small and round nose, making sure it’s in the middle of the eyebrows.

Step four:

Draw the tiny beady eyes and then include the flames that make the pattern within the eye. Create the skin bags layer beneath the eyes as well.

Step five:

Make the eyebrow arches, which are painted on the face of this alien-looking klown.

Step six:

In this case, we’ll draw the huge smile. Then draw the the cheek balls.

Step seven:

Draw in sharp teeth, and then draw the wrinkles on the outside of the teeth lining.

Step eight:

Make the detail lines on the ear, then move on to step 9 to complete the look.

Step nine:

Draw wild, crazy hairstyle, which helps to shape the ears. Hair should be layered. layers as well. Remove the guidelines for facial hair, and then you’ll be able to correct your errors.

Step ten:

The line art eventually ends in a similar way to the illustration you see here. Colour Your Killer Klown, and show your work with a scream.

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