How to Draw a Kid

Are you looking to learn the art of drawing a child? If so you’ve found the right page since you’ll learn the art of drawing a child quickly and easily.

This class is traditionally very easy and the team of is sure that you can master this lesson.


Step 1

Start with three ovals for the chest, head, and pelvis. Utilizing a spine line, blend all these elements. Utilizing a variety of these simple lines, draw the muscles.




Step 2

Draw two lines that intersect on the head. This will later aid in portraying your faces. Then, draw the neck with a cylinder. Then, draw your torso, connecting the chest and pelvis.




Step 3

Imagine the elbow and shoulder joints in the shape of balls, and the forearms and upper arm as cylindrical shapes. At the same time, draw the hands.




Step 4

Utilizing cylinders that are slightly more thick draw the thighs as well as the shins. Then, using two balls, draw the knees. Finally, complete the fourth step by drawing the feet.




Step 5

Let’s begin to draw the details using hair ears that appear like semi-ovals. The next step is to draw a slightly tangled hair. It is possible to do a different style If you wish.




Step 6

By drawing a smooth U-shaped line, draw the jaw. Then, draw your eyes then move lower to draw your nose as well as the mouth. Don’t forget to draw eyebrows. eyebrows.




Step 7

By using smooth lines, you can gently sketch a polo shirt that is worn over the upper and torso arms. Next, draw the collar on the shirt.




Step 8

Then trace your arms with smooth lines. Finally, sketch them with your hands by drawing fingers like the artists from in the sketch below.




Step 9

Then, using straight lines and long lines, draw broad pants without forgetting to draw wrinkles. Then, draw sneakers. shoes.




Step 10

Then, use an eraser to remove the guidelines from the sketch of the child. To make the art more attractive and appealing draw the image using dark lines.




Step 11

Then, take your most loved colors and apply them to the child. It is possible to use not just the colors in our example but also your personal palette.




This is all for you my dear readers the instructions on drawing the child were the end. The team at is eagerly awaiting your feedback, suggestions, and critiques. We will read all your feedback and will respond to a lot of them.

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