How to Draw a Key

It’s time to get simple drawing tutorials. So, we’ll demonstrate how to draw the key.


Step 1

First, we begin by drawing a rectangle. This shape must be drawn on the left-hand side of your paper. Make sure to draw a straight line with straight lines without curvature.



Step 2

Add a flat, round part to the key. This key must be placed on the right-hand side of the sheet. It should look like a popsicle or the lollipop



Step 3

We will draw the key furrow. This is the exclusive part in which the key can be fitted with only one lock.



Step 4

In this stage, we will need to create a key that is truly distinctive. To achieve this, we’ll create a number of protrusions from the model from the previous step. The shape can be changed of the surface however you like. In addition, at this point, we’ll slightly around the front of the key.



Step 5

At this moment you are free to be imaginative yet. You can decorate the rounded portion of the key to suit your preference. We chose to draw a cutout that resembles circles to the top.



Step 6

Are you aware of the similarities between the article on Batman in this tutorial on drawing keys? We are discussing the steps that we emphasize in order to examine our sketch prior to using paints. In this instance, it is necessary to verify the accuracy of the drawings and the symmetry. If you’re confident that everything is in order then you can move on to the next stage.



Step 7

This is the perfect time to play on color. We chose to go with the dark yellow hue. You can also concentrate on silver or gray.


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