Hello! We continue our series of simple drawing lessons, where we teach you to draw various objects. Today, as you’ve observed, we’ll teach the what to draw the kettle. Without this device, we would not have written tutorials on drawing on this website, since the person who wrote these lines is extremely fond of tea.

Step 1
Begin by drawing your vessel’s outline. There is nothing complicated is required, just a few gentle curving lines.

Step 2
Another simple task is to sketch out the outlet and handle. This is where we outline the cover. It’s higher than the rest of the kettle’s surface.

Step 3
Add the details. On top, you can draw the handle (it is made up of two pieces). Mark the lines hand of the kettle. It is shaped like an arc. Then, we draw the outline of the whistle. It’s a wonderful thing because without it kettles burn more frequently.

Step 4
Eliminate any extra guidelines that were a result of the earlier steps. We will outline the lower part close to the bottom of the outlet. Additionally, we add strokes on the outlet and cover.

Step 5
In this step, we apply shadows. By using hatching techniques with various pressures, we create the illusion of iron.

The lesson was drawing in the art of drawing the kettle. Have a cup of tea and remember to put on the whistle!

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