how to draw a kawaii cat

What about creating something cute and beautiful? This tutorial will show you how to draw a cute kawaii cat.

Step 1

A special philosophy is what we follow. It allows us to draw the most complicated things using simple shapes. In this guide, we will start with two simple shapes. As in the sample, we will draw a large circular and large oval. They overlap slightly. You can see the differences in sizes between these shapes. These shapes don’t necessarily have to be symmetrical, as you can see.




Step 2

Kawaii ears are an important feature of cute animals. Let’s look at the large ears, which take up quite a lot of space on the head. Each eyelet is shaped like a triangle and divided by a smooth vertical strip.




Step 3

Do you think drawing cute kawaii animals’ eyes is difficult? We will show you how it is done. First, we draw a few circles as shown in the sample. A small nose that looks almost like a triangle, and a mouth that appears like a pair of curved lines.




Step 4

You can choose any pose for your kawaii kitten. We chose to make the cat hug everything in front of him. You will need to draw a pair of short legs that have a slight bend in order to depict this pose. Due to the unique angle, the paws will be different sizes.




Step 5

We continue our guide on drawing a kawaii kitten. This is a drawing of a kitten. His limbs are still in a very early stage and they are quite different from the limbs of an adult cat. In this step, we draw a pair of short, rounded hind legs.




Step 6

This is a small detail that is missing. This is, naturally, a rounded tail. Let’s draw it. As you can see the tail shows a slight extension in its distal direction.




Step 7

Let’s remove the extra lines so that our drawing is complete. You should not forget the little details – there are a few white highlights in each eye. As you can see, the highlights come in different sizes.




Step 8

We are now at the final step. We use paints in this last step. You can pick any color you want, but we chose light pink.



We hope you found this guide useful. Do not forget to let us know if you have created amazing art. We look forward to reading your comments.


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