In this article, we’ll show that you can draw the Kawaii Cat. It’s a simple art, however, you’ll surely enjoy drawing it. The toughest part of this lesson is drawing the eyes. All other aspects should not create any problems whatsoever.

Step 1

As you may have guessed, we like to make really cool artwork from basic shapes. In this instance, we’ll draw a cool kawaii kitten with simple shapes. In this section, we’ll draw two shapes that are reminiscent of the shape of mushrooms.



Step 2

Every cute character should have large expressive eyes. This is why we’ll draw two large eyes with almonds inside the shape of the cap of the mushroom that we created in earlier steps.


Step 3

Now we sketch the outline of a tiny nose that appears to be an oval, and the tongue protrudes underneath the rounded cheeks. Notice that these lines create an unnoticeable angle.


Step 4

We continue our step-by-step guide to drawing an adorable cat. The ears are huge, and that’s what we’ll work on during this stage. You can make any shape. We decided to go with a common shape that resembles an equilateral triangle that has convex lines. The ears are a little less than that of the adorable cat.


Step 5

To enhance the appearance of our cat’s ears, and to make them more realistic, we’ll include lines to show the outline of the insides part of the ears. They are long, curving lines that join into horizontal lines, similar to those the ones we have in our sample.


Step 6

We have drawn all the main paths Now we can include details. In this phase, we’ll draw the pupils and highlighters which are within the eyes. As you are aware the location of the pupils determines the direction of the eye.


Step 7

This will be the most simple part of the entire tutorial. We are now creating a small collar and mustache that resembles horizontal lines that point in different directions.


Step 8

We will draw our front leg. We’ve selected a position of the legs where one leg is bent slightly while the other one is straight. You can however pick any position you prefer.


Step 9

In this phase, we’ll work on the lower torso. Luckily, we don’t have to draw any complicated or small parts. We draw two round paws, and a little space between them, in the form of a concave line.


Step 10

We are almost done with the drawing of this adorable cat. The next step is to draw a tiny rounded tail. You can pick any shape to draw the tail you prefer.


Step 11

If we remove any unnecessary guidelines, then we will get the final image. Don’t forget to shade your pupils and avoid the outlines that highlight the pupils.


In seven simple steps, we have shown how to draw the Kawaii Cat easily and quickly. This is definitely not the only or the final guide on drawing characters from chibi. We’ve already made an amazing amount of extremely different lessons on the most diverse Chibi characters and animals. If you’d like to be informed of any new posts, be sure to join our social media channels.


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