In the lesson on the upper creature, those from Japanese mythology are among the most fascinating and unique for us. That’s why we desire to draw all the characters that are important to Japanese stories and myths. In this lesson on drawing an obake kasa we’ll teach the art of drawing an umbrella monster.

Step 1
The lesson is simple, and the very first step is also very easy. In this stage, it is necessary to draw an easy triangle.

Step 2
On the triangle, draw a circular eye and mouth, with an extended tongue. Below the triangle, draw the leg with simple lines.

Step 3
Draw the top of the umbrella as well as the lines that run along the top of the triangle. Then draw a pupil into the eye. This will make the leg appear more substantial.

Step 4
Let’s now focus on the finer details. Take care to draw the ripped outline from the umbrella. Draw out the threatening eye, mouth, and long tongue.

Step 5
In the last step of our Kasa-Obake lesson, We need to draw lines for the legs (that is quite like a chicken’s leg) and then remove any unnecessary lines.

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