Australia is home to the most bizarre and strange creatures, of which we’ve created drawing lessons for you on our website. For instance, we sketched platypus and a Koala as traditional representations of the bizarre animals of Australia. The most well-known one from this gorgeous nation is a one-eyed kangaroo. Therefore, this is a drawing tutorial on drawing a kangaroo.

Step 1
First, draw the structure. Draw the thorax, head, and pelvis in the form of circles of different dimensions. With one long, bent line, draw your neck, spine, and tail. Draw out the legs and arms by drawing simple straight lines.

Step 2
On the head, mark the position of the muzzle as well as the line along which eyeballs will be. Then sketch out the long ears above the head. Next, using straight lines we join the circles to form the neck, torso, and tail. At the same time, we increase the volume of the legs and arms.

Step 3
Let’s go into the finer details. This is the time to sketch in more detail the eyes mouth, nose, as well as ears of the Kangaroo. Draw the outline of the head and then take away all guidelines.

Step 4
Let’s begin to work on the specifics of the upper part of our Kangaroo. Draw the necklines in circles and draw out the chest and arms. Take out the lines that were drawn in the initial and the second step.

Step 5
Then we repeat the process, however, using the lower part that we have created for our cool kangaroo. Draw the legs and the tail with dark and clear lines, then erase all of the instructions we sketched in the initial steps.

Step 6
We’ll now color the eyes in black. Then, we’ll work on the shadows on our kangaroo sketch, creating them with hatching that is found in the least well-lit areas.

Animal drawing lessons on 3dvkarts are quite complicated, yet informative and useful. If you draw in accordance with our illustration and you followed our example, then it is likely that you know how to draw an ostrich and also how we draw. The principles of drawing all mammal species (including human beings) are roughly the same. For this reason, you can look through the other lessons available on our website. If you follow the rules of drawing you have learned in this lesson you’ll be able to draw not just an odd animal as a Kangaroo, but also a vast range of other less-odd creatures.

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