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How to Draw a Junkyard Dog, English Bulldog

How to Draw a Junkyard Dog, English Bulldog

Step 1:

The initial step of drawing the head design for this dog from the junkyard. The dog has a very strong, block-like head. Do not forget to draw in your ears too.

Step 2:

You will begin sketching the bulldog’s face, which is beautifully detailed. It is evident that, the lines you draw will form the bone structure of the dog’s skull and facial features. Draw the jaw line, and detail the inside of the ear. Once you’ve finished, you can create whisker marks as well as eyes.

Step 3:

The face is completed by drawing the bottom portion of the jaw. You will sketch the lower line of the canines. Incorporate gum and tongue definition, and then draw the top portion of neck lines.

Step 4:

Now, you can draw the black leather dog collar. Make sure you take your time to draw it in the length of the neck of the dog.

Step 5:

Start sketching out the body of the bulldog beginning with the chest’s crest form and front leg. Sketch all that definition of the muscles in the leg and chest and shoulder.

Step 6:

Draw the opposite leg, as well as the paw. Make sure to draw the muscle definition for the leg. Also, add nails to each toe.

Step 7:

The next step is to draw on the body of the bulldog. The junkyard dog was designed to deter people from the junkyard. Therefore, the dog must appear intimidating. However, work on the back part of the body that is the stomach behind the back of the legs and the genitales. Draw the muscle’s definition and sketch the front paws toes, toes, and toenails.

Step 8:

Simply draw the tail in before drawing the back of the body as well as the neck’s rest.

Step 9:

The leash should be drawn And you’re all done. Remove the guides and mistakes.

Step 10:

That’s it, you’re done. You can now colour your drawing.

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