How To Draw A Jungle

There are many unique biomes and environments on Earth. There is so much diversity in the environment, from scorching deserts and frozen tundras.

The lush jungles that can be found all over the globe are one of the most vibrant environments.

These jungles are filled with vibrant animal and plant life and can stretch for miles. Drawing a jungle is a great way to create your jungle paradise.

You are in the right place if you want to learn how you can achieve this.

This step-by-step guide will help you draw a jungle in 6 easy steps.

1st Step:

The thick canopy of trees covering jungles can make it difficult to see the sun through.

In this step of our guide to drawing a jungle, we will begin by drawing the leafy canopy. We will use some bumpy lines to draw an outline of the treetop.

These lines will also have a slight, rounded tip.

The reference image shows that there will be multiple sections to these canopies, which connect to each other.

After you’ve drawn the treetops you can move on to step 2 of the guide.

2nd Step:

Now that you have drawn the canopy for the jungle, it’s time to add details to your jungle drawing.

This is done by drawing a large trunk of a tree on the right-hand corner. To create the T-shaped trunk, you can draw some rounded lines.

A thick, twisting vine will then wrap around the tree. A second branch will be found on the left, which will extend into the treetop and will have a vine around.

Finally, you can finish by adding bumpy lines to the background canopy.

3rd Step:

This step of is our guide to how to draw jungles. We will be adding to the jungle ground and adding details to the trees you have drawn.

To create bushes, add bumpy lines to the background that are similar to those used for the leaves.

To make the trees look more realistic and textured, add lines to the bark.

To make the trees look more dynamic, you can add small leaves to the twisty vines.

4th Step:

Continue on with your jungle drawing. We will add more plant life to the picture.

In this step, we will focus primarily on the front of the image. You can begin by drawing large leaves on your left-hand side.

Draw these leaves by using curved lines and sharp tips at the ends. Then add vein details to them.

Next, we will draw some jagged, pointy lines to create the tufts of grass on the right side of the image. Next, you can start to add the final details.

5th Step:

The fifth step in will see you finish off the drawing of a forest. Before you add color, you’ll need to finalize it.

We will first add more details to the vines that twist around the trees. This will make them more textured.

Simply add a few small curve lines to the vines and then draw some dots between them.

Next, we’ll add lines to the ground of our jungle. These lines will be drawn and you are ready to move on to the final step.

To personalize the picture, you should first take a look at it.

Jungles are alive with life. You could add details like monkeys, jaguars, or tropical parrots to your drawing. What will you do to finish this lush picture?

6th Step:

You are now ready to finish this jungle drawing with some incredible colors!

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