How To Draw A Jungle Step by Step

The basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

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The dense forests typically have an overhanging canopy that is thick enough to cover the area. It can get so thick that it’s difficult to observe the sun or skies through them.

It is important to sketch this foliage in the initial part of our drawing a jungle tutorial. To accomplish this, we’ll draw a contour of at the very top. This is created by using bumpy lines.

Each line bump will also feature a small , rounded edge.

As seen in the image of reference There will be a variety of areas of this canopy linked to one another.

After you’ve drawn the tops of the trees, you can proceed to the next stage to the instructional guide!

Step 2: Draw additional trees within the forest

You’ve drawn the canopy of the jungle, and now you’re prepared to add additional information about the trees you have drawn in your drawing of the forest to complete this stage.

To accomplish this, draw a tree trunk that is large on the right edge of our canvas. This can be done by drawing a few circles in order to create an X-shape for the trunk.

There will be a long, twisting vines that wrap around the tree. There will be a second branch towards the left, which will reach out towards the top of the tree and it will be covered by a vine.

You can then finish by drawing more lines that are bumpy to create more shade in the background.

Step 3: Next add some details of the forest

In this section of drawing a jungle tutorial, you will make more of the ground of the forest, while giving some more details to the trees you’ve drawn.

In the beginning, draw some rough lines that are similar to the ones you made to create branches of the tree to make some bushes to create a background.

Then you can add lines and other tiny elements to your bark, making them appear more realistic and textured.

In addition, you may include a few foliage to your vines that wrap around the tree in order to make the appear more lively.

Step 4: Then, draw additional plants

Continue with the forest painting, we’ll continue to add more plant life and other details to the image.

We will concentrate on the front of the image in this stage and then you can begin by drawing large leaves to the left side.

To draw these leaves make curved lines using sharp tips. Then apply some ridge details to the leaves.

We’ll then use sharp, jagged lines to create the grasses on the right-hand side in the photo. After that, you’ll be ready to add more details to be added in the following step!

The 5th step is to add your final information to the forest design

The fifth and final step of our drawing tutorial on drawing a forest will assist you in finishing the final details and complete the drawing before adding some colors.

Then, we’ll add some details to the vines that are that are twisted around the tree in order to give them the appearance of being rough.

In order to do that, just apply a few small curly lines on the vines, then draw small dots between these lines.

The next step is to add some lines on your forest’s ground. After these lines have been drawn, you’re now ready for the last step!

Before proceeding, you are able to include a variety of items to personalize this image.

The forest is alive So, you could include details such as jaguars, tropical parrots, tropical monkeys and more in your sketches. What can you do to complete the photo?

Step 6: Finish your forest painting by adding colors

Now , you can finish this paint by adding incredible colours to it!

To color our image we chose different shades of blue and green to color the grass, leaves as well as other elements of the forest.

If you use as many shades of color as you can, you will create a vibrant and exciting appearance for your forest, and make it look more elegant.

You can also contribute to the creation of this vibrant appearance using any art medium you like.

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