In this simple drawing tutorial, the team from will teach how to draw the steps to draw the juicer. We pay great attention to drawing the everyday things that we encounter in our daily lives as it provides excellent instruction for drawing straight lines. If you can draw some objects from your daily life, you’ll be able to draw spaceships and lightsabers as well as similar cool objects.

It is also important to observe the fact that the juicer can be a fantastic and extremely useful item. A lot of people don’t like juices in bags – they claim they contain too much sugar. Actually, the freshly squeezed juice from the orange isn’t the same as the coolest juice inside the bag, is it?

Step 1

We begin by drawing your juicer’s outline. The contour is comprised of two huge asymmetrical figures. Don’t try to draw smooth lines when you are drawing this step.




Step 2

Let’s sketch out the main features of the juicer. In this section the contours of the lid as well as the tube used for juice. On the left-hand side is the button for power. In our example, this button appears rather big. Like in the previous step, don’t draw smooth lines.



Step 3

We will now work on straight lines and even lines. We will draw the final contours for the juicer by using lines from the initial steps to serve as a guide. We then erase the extra lines of the juicer in order in order to make a clean, drawn drawing.



Step 4

To allow the drawing of our juicer to appear more real, we have sketch shadows. If we believe that light comes from the left that is why we must show shadows on the right-hand side on side of the machine. The shadows of drawings aren’t too difficult to create It is just a matter of applying uniform and dense hatching like in the example below.


It was quite simple. We have yet to complete some pencil drawing lesson objects which are in the kitchen. They assist in the making of meals. If you don’t enjoy this subject it is possible to write a note about your experience and we won’t create new drawing lessons on it.

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