Hello dear artists. In every art school, your first lesson will learn is the fundamentals of drawing. After being taught how to draw triangles, circles, and squares they learn to draw things that are commonplace like vases and Jugs. We have already drawn an oblong vase. In this lesson, we’ll demonstrate how to draw a Jug.

Step 1
The vase must be smooth and homogeneous. To accomplish this it is necessary to draw an extended vertical line.

Step 2
On a high point on the vertical line, draw an oval. This is the highest point (the”mouth” or “mouth”) on the Jug.

Step 3
With the aid of two lines that curve, trace your body Jug. Make sure that the right and left sides must be identical.

Step 4
Join these two lines by using an angled line to make an opening at the base of the container. The top is where we trace”lips” or “lips” that will be the Jug.

Step 5
Then, using two lines that curve, sketch the handle. The handles of the container are similar to the human ear.

Step 6
Take the eraser, and take out all the auxiliary lines of our jug drawing.

Step 7
We can give this jug an extra three-dimensional appearance by making shadows. The first step is to imagine the location where light is coming from and then apply shadows to the regions where the light doesn’t fall.

We have taught you how to draw an ice Jug. This is the fundamental course, and we think that it is vital to be able to draw these basic and commonplace things.

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