How To Draw A Joey Kangaroo

How To Draw A Joey Kangaroo

Step one:

Draw two circles for the body and head. then draw the guidelines for facial features and the limb guides.

Step three:

The next step is to begin drawing the outline of the joey’s face. I began with the left side but you can pick one side or the other. You can also add the wavy hair-style that is on your right.

Step four:

The next step is to draw the muzzle, or snout that will also form an element of mouth. Draw the nose as well as some mark or whisker hole.

Step five:

Fill in the gaps on the upper part of your head with the big, playful ears for your Joey the kangaroo. They should look tall and sturdy.

Step six:

Then draw the tongue, the chin which is to the left, and the details on the tongue. After that, you will draw the stubby arms and finally the hands or fingers. Make sure to include the nail hints too.

Step seven:

Now we will draw those cute eyes and color the pupils, too. Make sure to draw the eyebrows, and you’re done.

Step eight:

Make the back as well as the butt of the joey, and then draw the big foot, which looks like a rabbit’s foot. Add the toe dots and the lining on lower part of foot to make the sole of the foot.

Step nine:

Now draw that lengthy, long tail that is curled towards the end and draw the belly in a round shape. Note that the belly isn’t an exact circle.

Step ten:

In the final drawing step, all you need to draw is the other leg , or the thigh first, then the foot. Clean up your mistakes and guideline after you’re finished.

Step eleven:

Here’s an illustration of the lines. Now , you can draw the joey the kangaroo. Please share and share this lesson to encourage others to draw a Joey.

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