how to draw a jeep

In this drawing guide, we will help you draw the Jeep. If you’ve never drawn cars before, this is the perfect day to begin.

Step 1

First, we’ll sketch the contours of our car by drawing simple lines. It is evident that straight lines dominate the top and front. The lower areas of the automobile are shaped by straight lines that are characterized by sharp angles.




Step 2

Then draw a figure that resembles”M “M”. If you are able to accurately convey the angles of the line, you’ll be able to draw it without lifting your hands off of a piece of paper.




Step 3.

We repeat the same contours that we used in the previous step, but slightly lower. Pay attention to the fact that both the figure from the earlier step and the one from this step share an identical line. On the rear of the vehicle, trace an outline of the front bumper. This is a tiny thickness in the shape of an ellipsoid.




Step 4

In this phase, we will outline the outline of windows and doors. To accomplish this, we sketch two polygons. Within the upper half of these polygons, we’ll draw a trapezoid as well as a rectangle as shown in our example.




Step 5

We now have something that is that resembles a car’s body, isn’t it? Let’s make this a success and trace the outline of the hood and the rear window.




Step 6

There’s something that is inconceivable without the car. It is wheels. Two circles are situated under the arcs that are on the body of our jeep. We also show two tiny circles which are situated below the windows.




Step 7

We have a nearly complete sketch of the body of the jeep. We can now work on the particulars. This is the time to will draw an outline for the wheel’s rims and the bumper in the front.




Step 8

We are still working on tiny specifics. This is important because the small elements make up the entire picture. We will now sketch the contours that the handles on doors. It appears like a long rectangle.




Step 9

Now you’re free to think up your own ideas. Make the wheel’s rims precisely how you’d like them to look. We decided to go with a common style with a variety of holes, which are placed symmetrically.




Step 10

This is why we will continue our tutorial on drawing the jeep. If you’re a shrewd and visionary driver, you’ll never forget that spare tire. Let’s illustrate this important feature by drawing it in our illustration.




Step 11

We’re almost nearing the end of the road. All we need is to draw the shape of the suspension spring.




Step 12

At this point, it is possible to relax and drink coffee or snack. Following that, you’ll be able to review your drawing and spot the mistakes. Once you’ve identified all the mistakes and have corrected them and then, you are now able to create your color scheme.




Step 13

You are aware that the color of a car’s exterior is a personal thing. Pick a color scheme that suits your preferences. We chose to go with a sand-colored scheme with dark blue accents. This is a great combination, however, you could find more appealing alternatives.




This drawing tutorial on drawing the jeep was not too difficult, did it? We are aware that among artists, there are lots of people who love drawing cars. Send us a message in the comments section if this concerns you and we’ll provide some more lessons on this subject.

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