In this drawing tutorial, we’ll show readers how you can draw jeeps. As we look through your comments and feedback, we realize how drawing machine drawings are among the most talked about subjects on our site. We follow your wishes very carefully and attempt to design new lessons in line with your wishes.

Step 1

To avoid being misinterpreted when sketching the outline of a Jeep the first thing is to draw the outline of your corpus. For the type of car, the rough and huge lines and a wide window frame are the norms. Thus, with the aid of hand movements with a light touch draw out the entire corpus like in the following image:




Step 2

We continue to work on rough sketches. In this stage, we trace our frontal contours on our jeep. We also draw our front bumper. On the side that is lateral to the jeep, we draw the outline of the arches on our wheels. Avoid trying to create perfectly straight lines, in the initial steps, it’s crucial to draw the exact location and the dimensions of the pieces.



Step 3

Add those items without which you cannot imagine one car. There are the headlights and wheels. You can clearly see that the headlights and wheels do not have a circular shape. It’s more like ovals, which vary in size and shape. These are the main characteristics that make up the angles. In this section, we draw out how the sides windows as well as the rearview mirrors.



Step 4

We continue our drawing tutorial on drawing jeeps. Let’s go back to the top of the fantastic vehicle. We can now add additional details before creating the last contours. In this phase, we’ll sketch lines for the grille of the radiator, and then add some additional elements to the front bumper.



Step 5

We can now remove all the extra guidelines that we have gotten from in front of our Jeep. Let’s make the bends in the wheel arches less sloppy and draw the sidewalls of the headlights. The gaps of the grille of the radiator are slightly bent in the upper portion Pay attention to this. Use the most straight and straight lines.



Step 6

We’ve got a nearly finished car body. The straight lines and smooth lines look great do they not? Let’s draw exactly the same line on our roof and the lateral on our Jeep. Windows don’t have sharp corners. Every corner is either round or substantially flattened. Mirrors that are rear-view don’t have sharp corners.



Step 7

Therefore, we keep drawing out our sketches to create an authentic jeep. In this phase, we’ll divide the lateral section of the vehicle into doors with vertical lines and draw handles for the doors that are horizontal, and draw a platform horizontally over the wheels.



Step 8

If we can see a clear wheel on the jeep, it’s a bit odd you think? This is a sign that we didn’t complete the work using our sketch. In this stage, we erase the extra lines on the side of the car’s bottom and on the wheels. We draw in the final design of the contours of tires as well as wheel disks.



Step 9

We’ll now apply the final steps, but to be exact during this last step we draw shadows. In the beginning, we sketch the shadows of the wheels and on the inside surface of the arch. Then, we add the windows with glare and draw the rest of the shadows on the areas that are shown in this image.


Don’t forget to inform us of your latest thoughts regarding drawing lessons. With so many people are home, drawing can be the perfect activity to develop self-esteem and relaxation. We’re eager to hear your comments via our social media platforms!

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