Dear artists, and welcome to the drawing lesson on an additional item in our everyday life. As you may have guessed that we’ll guide you through the art of drawing the jar step-by-step.

Step 1
The drawing we want to draw should be as smooth and symmetrical as possible So draw straight vertical lines.

Step 2
Draw a cylinder as illustrated in our example (the way, you can understand about drawing a cylinder using our instructional video on how to draw a puck).

Step 3
A bit higher, draw a second cylinder, but smaller. Then create the top of the jar like the one we have in the example.

Step 4
We move to the top portion of the jar and trace the outline of the cap using the help of another cylinder with a flat surface.

Step 5
Utilizing dark and clear lines carefully draw an outline of the Jar using dark and clear lines. Remove all guidelines that are not needed.

Step 6
Utilizing dark and clear lines, draw the outline of the cap of our jar.

Step 7
Let’s now bring some glare and shadows to the jar’s drawing by hatching.

Today we demonstrated the steps to make a jar step-by-step. This was a very thorough lesson and, most likely, all of you will be able with the task. However, we must be aware of some features:

To make any mistakes more obvious, simply take your drawing onto the reflection.
To create a more realistic glass to look more realistic, you can make sure to repeat the shape of the jar with thin, alternating lines.

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