How To Draw A Japanese Girl with Kimono

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

How To Draw Female Deadpool Step by Step

Step 1

Create two guide forms one that is for your head, and another to guide the body. You’ll draw outlines of the face guides, and then draw a guideline for the body. Include both arm and neck liner.

Step 2
Next, draw the outline of her face like this, and then outline her left side bangs the same way. A portion pieces of hair fell off to one side of her face.

Step 3
Then, trace the eye’s shape and draw an upper eyelid line that makes the eyes stand out. Draw the mouth and nose and eyebrows.

Step 4
Then, as you may have guessed that a lot of Japanese ladies have long and extremely straight hair. This is the way you’ll draw for this anime. Hair drawing will give the head’s shape. Sketch straight hair long and, as you draw it, create a style.

Step 5
You’re almost done in this Japanese anime character. The only thing you need to do is draw the outline of her neck. You can then draw her Kimono. As you will see, she’s slim and slender girl. Put a belt on her waist and embellish her outfit with details

Step 6
The final thing you need to accomplish is to trace the parasol she’s holding. The parasols or umbrellas are open and cover her whole head. Clean the umbrella and clean up any mistakes you’ve made.

Step 7
Here’s the stroke to color when you’re finished. Have fun coloring her. You now have a fantastic sketch of an adorable Japanese girl.

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