How To Draw A Japanese Dragon Step by Step

The basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

How To Draw Papa Smurf Step by Step

Step 1

Begin by drawing the dragon’s nose. Draw a series of upside-down “U” shaped lines. In the next section, create a set of “U” shaped lines to represent the upper lip. Shade two teardrops to represent nostrils. Then draw a thin line between them.

Step 2

Create curved lines that define the face of the dragon. Create overlapping curves by overlapping them to form the bridge between the eyebrows, nose, and the forehead. Above each eyebrow add an equilateral triangle to create the dragon’s eyes. Make a small circle to cover the pupil of each eye.

Step 3

Spread a pair or curved lines along the sides from the nostril. They should be sharply angled, creating your dragon’s moustache. After that, you can use curving lines to create triangles for the fangs, mouth, as well as the lower jaw.

Step 4

Make use of curved lines to form triangular teeth. After that, create a series of curly lines to create the dragon’s beard as well as the lower jaw.

Step 5

Utilize curved shapes to cover the unusual design of the dragon’s teeth. Draw the front part of the dragon’s neck with the wavy line, and then long curly lines for the neck’s back.

Step 6

Draw a series of curving lines along the neck’s back to indicate the dragon’s spines or the mane. Next, draw a series of curly lines to define the hands and arms. Notice the triangular curvature of fingers or claws.

Step 7

Draw two long, curved lines that wind about to form a line that is shorter. It is this line that is known as the dragon’s body. Draw a series of curving lines along on the back to form spikes.

Step 8

Draw a curved line across the dragon’s body roughly the same as its outline. This will show the dragon’s belly. Draw curved lines to define the foot or hand that is left.

Step 9

Wrap your stomach in the form of curved lines. Draw an array of curly lines to wrap the spines around your lower back. Draw the tail by using two curving lines that connect at an elongated point. The point of the tail is a set of curving lines that intersect at certain points.

Step 10

Color your cartoon dragon in any color you like. Most dragons are drawn with red or crimson hues but you can choose any color you like. Creation!

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