Many of you loved dear readers, hamburgers. Most likely, you ate burgers this morning. We were there, honest. So we took an exercise on drawing an image of a jalapeno. We’re sure that jalapeno is the most effective food additive for a burger. Let’s draw!

Step 1

The first step is to sketch your outline around the shape of the pepper. We draw a long, elongated cone that has jagged edges.

Step 2

Draw a small stalk. It is possible to draw it in any size or shape.

Step 3

What’s the commonality between the huge course on drawing the ancient figure of a fighter and a brief lesson on drawing jalapeno? Yes, it’s the final step. In both instances, we cast shadows. Now we draw very light shadows by using light hatching.

It was a fairly easy lesson. We wish you drawn well. We’ll see you in the next drawing lesson. make sure to join us!


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