How to Draw a Jacket -

How to Draw a Jacket

How to Draw a Jacket Clothing section is regularly updated. Today we will add a tutorial on how you can draw a jacket. This tutorial will complement the jeans, cap, and sneakers. This guide is as easy as the others in the previous category. To achieve simplicity, our artists separated it into simple stages. They painted it red.


Step 1

You can represent each item using simple geometric shapes. Draw a simple rectangle to represent the torso.



Step 2

Now it is time to show the sleeves of your jacket. Remember that you should use transparent, very light lines in the beginning stages. This sketch should be used as a guide.



Step 3

The trapezoid shape of the clothing is depicted in the upper portion of the jacket. Next, add the cuffs to the bottom and sleeves.



Step 4

The jacket collar is shown at the top. A stand-up collar is a common feature on bombers so we decided to create one. The zipper was then shown with the aid of a long line.



Step 5

We now need to remove all unnecessary lines from the jacket’s drawing. It’s now time to get an eraser and clean off any auxiliary guidelines.



Step 6

Transverse lines should be drawn on all cuffs (including the collar). You should also create folds where the fabric contracts or stretches. Don’t forget to sew around the shoulders.



Step 7

If you see excess lines, get rid of them. You can make the picture more pleasing and cleaner. Next, trace your jacket design with ink or dark pencil. You should now have a stunning jacket drawing.



Step 8

Now is the right time to paint it. We chose to paint it military green. You can paint the jacket in brighter colors, regardless of whether it’s green, red, or blue. Your artwork doesn’t have to be identical to the one created


We have now reached the end of this guide on how to draw jackets. You can also check out other articles in the Clothing category to increase your knowledge about clothing design.

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