How to draw a iphone -

How to draw a iphone

How to draw a iphone

Let’s learn HOW TO DRAW APPLE IPHONE 11 PRO I am sure all gadgets love simply love apple products because of amazing looking and flawless technology. Recently Apple iPhone 11 launched in many variants but main attractions was iPhone 11 pro. Apple iPhone 11 pro is the live example of amazing technology and mesmerizing look

This drawing tutorial was created for the fans of high-tech gadgets. As you may have guessed, today we are going to show you how to draw an iPhone.

By tradition, this tutorial will be very simple, and the final drawing will look quite realistic. There will be many straight lines that you can draw with a ruler. But if you want to learn how to draw straight lines, then we advise you to do without additional tools.

Have you ever wondered how we got from no phones at all to today’s iPhone in a little over 100 years? Consider this brief history.

Many readers of asked me to show how to draw an iPhone for kids, and now I want to present you with this drawing tutorial. You can draw an iPhone as a life-size, or just taking the image from the head. In the first case, everything is simple – take your gadget or image from the Internet and just redraw it on a sheet of paper. Everything is more difficult if there is no example before our eyes. Anyway, let’s start drawing!

how to draw a iphone Step by Step

  • Carefully round off each corner either freehand or by using a coin, button or similar rounded object. Place it against the horizontal and vertical lines in each corner so that it evenly touches both, then draw in the radius of each of the corners.
  • To do this draw a rectangle that is approximately 19 of the length of your phone in from each end. For example, if your rectangle is 90mm long from top to bottom then you will draw your line 10mm in from the top and 10mm in from the bottom edge of the phone. Then using your eye, carefully judge the sides of your menu window. If you were drawing an iPhone that was 45mm wide then your lines would need to be approx120 of the width or 2.25mm in from each side.
  • Using the center line at the bottom of your iPhone draw a circle that is 19 the width of your iPhone body. For example, if the overall width of your drawing is 45mm then the overall circumference of your circle will be 5mm. Place the home button centrally to the lower part, making sure the gaps at the top to bottom are equal.

The initial iPhone drawing is now almost complete. All that is now required is to add the Ring silent switch, the sleep wake button and the volume button. The ring silent switch and volume buttons are located on the left-hand side of the iPhone 6s. The sleep-wake button is located on the right of the iPhone. The iPhone 6s also has a headset jack, microphone, lightning connector and speaker at the bottom of the phone body. However, these cannot be seen on a front view of an iPhone 6s.

The button we are going to add first is the ring silent switch. It is positioned approximately in line with the top edge of the menu screen. Then we will add the volume buttons.

To finish off your iPhone drawing you can either leave it. As it is with a blank screen or add some iPhone app icons as seen

Some Iphone Drawing pictures

Today we showed you how to draw an iPhone – probably the most legendary gadget of our time. Visit other sections on to learn how to draw even better.

Your drawing is now complete. You can add some apps or picture by following the instructions in the first tutorial.

This was the tutorial in which we showed you how to draw an iPhone. Write to us what lessons on drawing electronics you would like to see on the pages of our site. Also, write to us, did this lesson help you draw an iPhone? Do not forget to subscribe to us on social networks, so as not to miss new drawing lessons.

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