How to Draw a Hyena

This drawing guide will show you how to draw the hyena. Although this is a simple drawing, it will help you develop your skills. We recommend that you draw many times and redraw lines as well as study volumes and shapes.

You will achieve a great result if you follow the steps in our tutorial.


How to Draw a Hyena

Step 1: Sketch the Head, Torso, and Neck

First, draw three circles of different sizes. The center circle will have the largest circle, while the smaller ones are found laterally. Use light strokes and minimal pressure.




Step 2: Draw the Limbs Of The Hyena

Second, draw your hyena’s spine. Draw a line that connects all three circles at an angle. Draw a line from the center (chest) to the left (pelvis), and a line from the right (hind legs) to the center (chest).




Step 3 – Draw the Abdomen of the Hyena

Two smooth lines are needed to connect the circles. These lines are somewhat diagonal, as you can see. The second line is slightly diagonal and has a bend that appears to be an angle.




Step 4 – Draw the Hyena’s Frontal Face

Draw a tapered portion of the hyena’s face. It appears like a conical truncated shape that flows smoothly into the neck contours.




Step 5: Draw the Hyena’s Mouth and Nose

The eyes of the hyena should be placed very close to the top of the head. Draw a long mouth and a nose at the location of the protrusion in the muzzle.




Step 6 – Draw the Ears for the Hyena

The ears should be drawn at the top of your head. To make the ears look like a dog’s, sharpen them. Because of the angles, the ear nearest to us appears larger.




Step 7 – Draw the front legs of the Hyena

Forelegs with powerful forelegs will have more volume. The wide part of your paw starts at the chest and tapers down. The middle of the paw will gradually thicken.




Step 8 – Draw the front feet of the Hyena

Draw three toes on a paw. Round off the outline and heel. A small tubercle is located on the ledge. The paw’s front is rounded, while the back is angular.




Step 9 – Draw your hind legs of the Hyena

Draw the broad thigh of your back leg. As a guide, draw a line starting at the tail. From the knee, a sharp protrusion will be visible on the lower leg.




Step 10 – Draw a Tail for the Hyena

You can draw the tail with a few oblique lines. The tail can be placed in any position you like, but the tail should hang parallel to the legs. The tail position in animals indicates a certain mood.




Step 11 – Delete the Guidelines

Check the proportions and lines of your basic shapes, and the symmetry. Once everything is in order, you can move on to the final stage.




Step 12 – Color the drawing of the Hyena

You can color the hyena in different shades of gray and brown. You can paint shadows with darker base colors. The hyena will look more alive and natural if you add small details like highlighting the eyes.




Our hyena is now ready. You are certain that you can find harmony even in a hyena, which is why African animals are so exotic. Please write to us about your difficulties and give us examples of animals you have drawn. How to Draw Garfield

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