How To Draw A Hydra Dragon -

How To Draw A Hydra Dragon

How To Draw A Hydra Dragon

How To Draw A Hydra Dragon

Step 1:

This is a long lesson, so make sure you are prepared. Begin by reviewing the rules that apply to the 3 dragons as well as the female dragon in the middle.

Step 2:

Utilizing the template you just designed for the female make sure you draw the exact form of her face, and the long lashes around her eyes.

Step 3:

Then, continue drawing her face out and finally, a part of her neck.

Step 4:

You can now tackle the job of drawing those dragon heads out one at a time. Begin by drawing the one to the left side or decide to move in any direction you want.

Step 5:

Incorporate more detail and details to the dragons particularly their bodies, faces and heads. The head of the dragon to the left is close to being completed. It’s an inordinate step, so be patient and don’t rush.

Step 6:

Continue working on the dragons that the ones you see here. This includes their necks, faces, with frilled spines.

Step 7:

Include more elaborate detailing and then draw the female body, starting with arms and working towards the body.

Step 8:

Finally, you’ll draw the remainder of the body of the woman and then draw in the rest of the dragon, which are the talons. Clean up the mistakes and guides to tidy up the artwork.

Step 9:

Now you are is now ready to color the artwork. Pick any color you like.

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