How to Draw a Hydra Dragon Step by Step

The easy step-by-step drawing guide below.

How To Draw A Piranha Fish Step by Step

Step 1

Start. It is necessary to sketch out a set of forms and guidelines in order to create a functional design for the frame of your Hydra. Make three egg designs for the head. then you can add guides to the face. Then, you form the body, and then draw lines on the neck and the tail as this.

Step 2

We’ll deal with each of the ends one at a time while we draw the faces of the hydra. Begin at the mouth. Draw out the facial structure in a sharp. Lower jaws should cross over the top jaw. The brow bone should be made or bump.

Step 3

Make the entire head complete by drawing these horns. It is evident that, the point or the tip of each horn is the appearance of a tapered point. Draw the eyes out and the frill-like gills at the side of your jaw. Draw in detail the frills and foreheads.

Step 4

Because this is the neck and head The hydra is likely to include one shoulder. Draw the slightly curly neck and then draw shoulders, the back and muscles lines.

Step 5

Begin by drawing a second head to the three-headed creature. Do this exactly the same way as you began by drawing the first head of a hydra. The only difference is the mouth. The glass has an open mouth.

Step 6

The remainder of the head with eyes, horns, frills and horns. In the outline, you should include all terms and specifics.

Step 7

Start by drawing the neck, starting at the back of your head. Draw the front of the neck, and then draw the chest.

Step 8

We’ll sketch out the monster’s chest and then the front legs, claws, feet or claws. Make sure you outline every hand and muscle definitions.

Step 9

Draw the ends of the other two in the same way. Be patient and make sure they all appear as if they’re one big beast. Make sure you draw the necks of all. You don’t want to have a floating head, do you?

Step 10

Slowly outline your entire back, resembling the tail. Once you’re done then draw outlines of your abs as well as your hind legs. Draw the outline of your legs, then draw all the strokes.

Step 11

Nearly done, you guys. Now you’ll have to spend your time working on the spikey frills running through the neck of the hydra and back. After all the spikes have been drawn and drew, you can add more details to the center.

Step 12

Draw the remainder of the legs, followed by the tail. The tail is drawn using straight edges. Create a body definition, and then you can begin removing mistakes and even tutorials.

Step 13

The scales on the belly and neck Then create a bone carving over the horns. Include tiny details to the areas you notice the tiny red spots.

Step 14

This is how your hydra looks after you’ve completed. Of course, not all of you will be able to draw the perfect drawing however if you work for long enough, you’ll create your masterpiece work of art. I’m still not drawing my own.

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