How to Draw a Husky -

How to Draw a Husky

How to Draw a Husky

The husky, or more specifically Siberian Husky, is AD

When drawing the outline of your husky’s head, don’t press down too hard. You should sketch lightly to be able to easily draw parts of the outline later.

Refer to reference lines: Draw a horizontal and vertical line that intersects across your paper in order to ensure the husky is drawn in the middle of your paper.

This will divide your paper into four equal squares. You should draw the outline for your husky’s head in the first space at the top left corner.

2nd Step:

As a guide, use the outline you have drawn previously to draw the snout. It should be on the left, connected directly to the outline.

Use an eraser to remove any lines that are not in the outline. This will keep your drawing tidy.

3rd Step:

Draw the body of your husky, starting at the back of its head and ending at the bottom of its chin. As shown in the illustration, this will outline the entire torso.

Huskies are well-known for their compact, muscular build. Make sure you draw the body as beefy as possible!

4th Step:

Draw a leg that is straight and slender on either side of the husky’s body, right underneath its chest. Draw a paw that has three toes on each end of each leg.

Remember to delete any lines that are not necessary from the outline sketch we made previously.

5th Step:

The hind legs of the husky should be drawn underneath its buttocks. This step should be completed.

6th Step:

Attach the tail to the back end of the husky’s torso.

To make your tail look more realistic and fluffy, add clumps to fur!

7th Step:

One of the most distinctive features of a Husky is its pointed, erect ears. This step will show you how to draw them.

To form the ears, simply draw two “V” shapes upside-down at the top of your husky’s head.

8th Step:

The multicolored fur coats of Huskies, which are often a mixture of white and black, is a special feature. This step will draw the distinctive pattern on a husky’s fur coat.

Draw a straight, uneven line across your husky’s body. This will separate the top and bottom of its body. This marks the separation between the two coat colors of a Husky.

9th Step:

Finish your drawing by drawing the facial features of the husky. To create the eyes, draw a small circle on each side of the husky’s face.

To create dramatic “sparkling eyes”, shade the entire eye area, excluding the small circle in the center. Draw a triangle half-up on the edge for the nose.

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