how to draw a human

Are you looking to learn the art of drawing human figures? If yes, then, with this easy instruction you can learn to draw a human easily and quickly!


Step 1

Therefore, begin by drawing the skeleton that depicts the chest, head, and pelvis in the shape of simple ovals. Connect them with the spine’s line. The size of the torso with the neck must be roughly equal to what is the total height total of the three heads.




Step 2

Let’s draw the parts of the limbs. This should be done with simple lines. Draw the joints with small circles. Legs should be slightly longer than arms.




Step 3

Two lines intersecting on the face will assist us to draw the face in the most accurate and symmetrical way. Then, connect the head and upper torso using a neck that is cylindrical and form a torso by connecting the pelvis and chest.




Step 4

Let’s sketch the arms. Begin by drawing the elbow joint and shoulder. Then draw the lower and upper arms. Then draw the palms like the artists from




Step 5

Then repeat the exercise by using your legs. As before, create knees using balls. Draw the lower and upper legs. Make sure to include the feet.




Step 6

For this step, we’ll require the exact lines we sketched in the previous stage. Begin by drawing first the eyes and then draw the mouth and nose. Don’t forget to draw eyebrows.




Step 7

By using the U-shaped line sketch the jaw with the U-shaped line. It is possible to depict this area of the head like artists from did or even give your jaw an alternative form. Draw the ears at the sides of the face.




Step 8

It’s time to draw the hairstyle you want to portray. Hairstyles can be given an appearance similar to the illustration by the artists from or think of a different hairstyle.




Step 9

Begin by drawing the shoulders and neck. Next, draw the torso, and then add some folds to give the drawing a sense of authenticity.




Step 10

Begin by gently drawing the arms and creating an outline of muscles. At the same time, you can draw your T-shirt’s sleeves. However, you can also draw the back of a garment or other garments.




Step 11

A relatively simple stage in which we’ll have to sketch the hands. For this to be done, we need to gently draw your fingers like the artists from used in this sketch beneath this text.




Step 12

By using smooth lines, trace the legs and draw the jeans. Create creases around the knees, and to the lower portion of jeans. Include pockets and a fly.




Step 13

Let’s now draw the shoes. We chose to show sneakers however you could change them out for shoes or other footwear.




Step 14

Put the pencil down and use an eraser to remove the lines of the drawing by a human. Take a dark pencil or ink, and draw the design to enhance its beauty of it.




Step 15

Then, take your preferred colors and color the human. Use the palette offered by the artists at or create any colors of your choice. To make your art look more substantial, use shadows.




Could you be taught how to draw a person using this method? Send us a note about this so we can get your opinions. We read all of your comments and we respond to many of them.

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