how to draw a howling wolf readers love drawing animals. To please them, we have created this article on drawing a howling Wolf. This article is based on our previous article How to Draw a Wolf. The team at recommends that you first read it to gain a better understanding of the drawing process.


Step 1

Complex things can be depicted by first visualizing them as simple geometric shapes. The skeleton of an animal should be depicted in circles. One ball is for the head, one for the chest, and the third for the pelvis.




Step 2

Next, draw the neck and limbs using simple lines. This stage shows the pose and position of the character on a piece of paper. The first stages should only be done with light pressure on the pencil.




Step 3

We will begin to give the wolf a distinctive look starting at this stage. Our good old tradition dictates that we start with the head and then show the neck and open mouth of the Wolf. The dense fur in this region makes the neck appear thick.




Step 4

We will now do the same things with the forelimbs. That is, we will show the general volumes. The forelimb volume can also be created with very simple and light lines. You should use very fine pencil strokes to create the lines at this stage.




Step 5

This stage makes our sketch look more like a wolf. Connect the pelvis and chest with a pair of very light lines. Let’s add details to this adorable animal. Create the ears using a few simple lines as shown in the example.




Step 6

Let’s now move on to the hind legs, following the same steps as the fourth stage. The hind legs are depicted using a few light lines. The hind legs are larger than the forelimbs.




Step 7

Let’s now get into the details about the wolf. Draw small eyes and sharp fangs. The nose and furry cheeks should be drawn at the same time. To learn more about drawing a wolf’s skull, see our article How to Draw a Wolf’s Head. Next, draw a line along the tail and move to the eighth stage.




Step 8

Put the pencil down and use an eraser to remove any auxiliary details that were added during the initial stages. You can trace the artwork using darker lines to give it more clarity and volume. You can enhance the three-dimensional effect by making the lines closer to the edges darker than those at the far end.




Step 9

Let’s make our howling wolf drawing more colorful and beautiful. There are many colors available for wolves, but the most popular is gray. This example was drawn by To make the drawing of wolves more convincing and real, you can add shadows or halftones.




It was an instructional on how to draw howling wolves. The article, which you can see is very basic, was written in the same style as all other articles on

There is a belief that wolves are not allowed to perform in circuses. Do you have any experience with wolves in circuses? Please comment below. We would love to hear from you about your art instructions for


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