Hello everybody. A while ago, we created such a fad gadget as a quadcopter. Today, we decided to keep the modern-day gadgets theme and created a tutorial on drawing the hoverboard.

Step 1
In the beginning, using thin lines, draw the main lines of the hoverboard like in our illustration.

Step 2
Create the middle of the hoverboard smaller by using two curving lines.

Step 3
With the help of ovals, sketch out the specifics on the wheels.

Step 4
Let’s go into the finer details. By using clear lines, sketch out an outline of the board.

Step 5
Also, using dark and clear lines, trace the wheels.

Step 6
Let’s add shadows and glare by hatching.

It was a drawing lesson on drawing the hoverboard step-by-step. This site contains everything you need to draw. However, you might not discover what you were looking for. If so, you can write about it in the comments section below this article.

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