how to draw a house

The team behind offers drawing instruction for novices. Today we’ll teach you the steps to drawing a simple house for novices. We have divided the procedure of drawing the house into 14 easy steps, and all the lines we added were highlighted in red in order to help you learn as much as possible.


Step 1

We can begin sketching a house starting from the front, sketching it as a huge rectangle. For straight lines that are perfectly straight make use of the ruler.




Step 2

Make another rectangle for the lateral wall of the house. If everything went as planned then you will obtain a cuboid (rectangular cube).




Step 3

Utilize two straight lines to create the front side of your roof. Make sure to duplicate the position of this portion of the roof, as shown in the illustration drawn by the artists at




Step 4

Give the front side of the roof a bit of volume. Create two more lines, repeating the lines we had drawn in the previous stage.




Step 5

Then, connect this portion of the roof to the home itself. Create an outside surface of the roof with a series of straight lines.




Step 6

We’ll now focus on the specifics of your home’s artwork. We’ll begin at the bottom and show the foundation using 2 straight lines.




Step 7

It’s time to get started with the most significant elements of the drawing for your house. Start with the door and draw it as an oval shape that’s placed in the middle of the exterior wall.




Step 8

Draw windows on both edges of your doors. You could either duplicate the pattern of doors and windows, like the illustration drawn by the artists at, or design your own concept.




Step 9

We’ll now move to the wall on the side. We’ve decided to show two windows. However, you could draw a different entrance or veranda. In general, show your imagination.




Step 10

Now let’s get into the details of the design for the home. Sketch the doors and windows to make frames. Next, draw a handle on the door.




Step 11

Fireplaces are our favorite, which is why our home has this lovely feature. To signify that a fireplace is a present show a chimney at the highest point.




Step 12

Use an eraser to clean your home drawing to remove the excess guidelines. You can draw your house drawing with darker lines , or ink.




Step 13

It’s time to paint your home. Paint the house in any shade. We chose to stick with traditional pastels. Be sure to include shadows and highlights in your art.




This easy but accurate guide on drawing an architectural house is at the end. It is now the moment to draw the house using different colors and elements for the exterior.

After that, explore our other categories and learn how to draw, not only at buildings, but as well the flowers, trees, and more.

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