Hello, dear readers! We bring you today’s drawing lesson. It will focus on architecture. As you can see, today’s lesson topic is How to Draw a House for Beginners. Let’s get started and let’s draw!

Step 1
Our today’s home will be very traditional – a compact, neat building that is suitable for large families. It will be a bit more complex than a hut.

First, draw the main lines for our future home. These lines don’t have to be perfect at this stage.

Step 2
This is where we add many new details and lines. This step is not as difficult as it looks. This stage will require you to draw the windows, doors, pillars, and roof using simple lines.

Step 3
This is the time for precise, smooth lines. Here, we need to draw very carefully. Artists love adding details from the top. Draw the roof using a series of smooth, symmetrical lines. Also, draw the shutters and windows.

Step 4
This stage is very short. This is the last part of the second level. As in the example, draw large windows. These lines should be straight and clear.

Step 5
This is the porch of our house. The roof, columns, and cornice are drawn. Only the door handle can be drawn. We are not referring to the whole house, but only the porch.

Step 6
The veranda is located to the right of the porch. We can see the windows, columns, and cornices. All areas should have symmetry and clear lines.

Step 7
Now draw the portion of the house to our left. Use wavy lines to outline the contours and locations of the bushes that are growing in front of your house.

Step 8
The tutorial How to Draw a House for Beginners ends. We draw the portion of the house that is located right of us.

You’ve done a great job if you can draw the house exactly as shown in the example. If you don’t succeed, just move on to the next step and make another attempt. We are certain that you’ll be able to learn to draw the house if you try, and do not give up on trying. You can also subscribe to us on Google Plus, Facebook, and Pinterest to keep up to date with the latest drawing lessons.

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