Hotdog is among the most well-known and popular foods around the globe. It’s hard to determine that it is a great example of a healthy lifestyle. It is, however, an enticing and nutritious dish that is suitable for snacks that are quick and easy to make.

So, we have decided to make this video on drawing the hotdog. Let’s start!


Step 1

Then we sketch the outline that will form the shape of the hot dog bun. It appears to be a normal bread loaf. It is important to note that the edges of the loaf may differ in their shape.




Step 2

For the filling to fit inside a loaf, it must be cut with a sharp knife. Remember that hotdog is not just sausage. In hotdogs, you can also find tomatoes, sauces, lettuce, and various other ingredients.

This is why we draw two oblique lines that are smooth. The lines taper off to the left but then widen toward the right.



Step 3

The drawing tutorial continues with drawing hotdogs. In this step, we draw the outline of the hotdog. Like in the earlier step, we should make sure to use straight lines. The filling can be drawn according to your preference. For instance, there are hotdogs that have extremely large hunter’s sausages.



Step 4

In this process, we remove any unwanted contours from food items like sausages and bread. On the outside of the sausage, draw a few lines that connect in the middle. In this step, you draw mustard. It looks like a straight, curved strip that is covered with sausage. It’s possible to add additional condiments or sauces if desired.



Step 5

Draw a light shadow. Light shading is drawn across the interior of the bun and on the outside of the sausage. Shadows on the outside make hotdogs appear more authentic.


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