How to Draw a Hot Dog

Are you interested in learning the art of drawing hot dogs as a professional artist? If you’ve already visited this page, it’s likely, you’d like.

As you are probably aware the purpose of the site is to teach you how to draw different objects in the simplest yet at the same time attractive method.

Drawing hot dogs will be traditional and simple. It has six easy steps, and you are able to draw using your preferred art tools, whether it’s an eraser or pencil, or a tablet to draw.

Step 1

Every food item is based on a geometrical image. For example, if you are looking at hot dogs it’s as a curving oval, similar to beans. Therefore, draw an oval with a curving shape like the artists from did.



Step 2

Now, let’s provide our beans with a more suitable look to match the hot dog. For this, we’ll draw an arc that passes across the middle of the hot dog. If everything went as planned then you’ll be able to get a hot dog that is sliced.



Step 3

Then, using a second long and curving line on the edges, draw an encased link sausage in the bun. Make sure to get uniformity and smoothness of your sausage lines.



Step 4

Hot dogs can be served with a wide range of toppings however the most popular is a hot dog topped with mustard. This is the one we’ll draw on this step. Make it by drawing two wavy lines. Then, put this on top of the sausage.



Step 5

Now, grab an eraser, and slowly but firmly remove any unnecessary guidelines in order to create the perfect cleanness of the drawing. Additionally, trace all of the lines necessary to ensure that the sketch is sharper and with greater sharpness and more contrast.



Step 6

Get color pencils or paints, or felt-tip pens to begin making your food drawings. The sausage is colored brown the bun is brown-orange and mustard yellow. It is also possible to add sesame seeds as the artists from have done in the illustration below.



If you have any issues you may want to try repeating each step or write us about the issue. If you are successful in drawing a hot dog with no difficulty make sure you check out our other tutorials to continue drawing. There are simple lessons such as an instruction on the Crown or more intricate as an instruction on the eye.

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