How to Draw a Horse

This tutorial will teach you how to draw a horse. You can easily draw a horse by following the 13 steps.

Horses are hoofed mammals. Many hoofed mammals can be drawn very similarly. Drawing a horse, for example, is very similar to drawing a deer and a bull.

This instruction will show you how to draw horses. There are many features and differences between other lessons. These points will be discussed in detail.


How to Draw Horses

Step 1: Sketch the general outline

Begin by drawing the horse’s head, ribcage, and pelvis in ovals. These ovals don’t have to be perfectly straight.




Step 2: Sketch the Limbs & Spine

To sketch the neck, spine, and tail of your horse, use light lines. Next, draw the limbs using vertical lines.




Step 3 – Draw the Horse’s Face

Sketch the horse’s head by moving to its top. We have detailed instructions on how to draw the horse’s head in our lesson. Draw the neckline.




Step 4 – Draw your Ears

Draw the ears of your horse from a higher position. You can now examine your horse’s drawing in the mirror to verify its accuracy.




Step 5 – Draw your eyes

Take care to portray the eyes. These eyes can be made more realistic. Try drawing the folds of your skin around your eyes.




Step 6: Draw the Mouth and Nose

Next, draw the nose and mouth of the horse from the front. We can only see a portion of the mouth from this perspective and one nostril.




Step 7 – Draw your front legs

The front legs should be drawn with long, smooth lines. Draw the outline of the muscles and ligaments below the skin to make the horse’s legs look as real as possible.




Step 8: Draw the front hooves and belly.

Three simple lines are enough to draw the front hooves. Next, draw the bottom edge of the torso using a long, straight line. The torso should be shorter in the abdomen than it is in the chest.




Step 9 – Draw your hind legs

Draw the hind legs carefully. The hind legs should be noticeably thicker towards the top. Do not forget to outline the muscles and ligaments beneath the skin, just as you did with the front legs.




Step 10 – Draw the Hind Hoves

Draw the hooves and finish drawing the horse’s hind leg. You can draw a horse by learning how to draw it. All you have to do is add wings.




Step 11 – Draw your mane

To draw the lush mane, move to the front of our graceful horse. To make your drawn horse even more impressive, you can make it longer than the example.




Step 12 – Delete the Guidelines

You can make your horse drawing more complete by erasing extra lines. You can make your artwork more stunning by darkening the lines.




Step 13 – Color your Horse by Drawing

The horse’s body was made of brown, while the tail, mane, and hooves were dark brown. The eyes were black. White highlights can be added to give the eyes more life.




How can you make a drawn horse appear more vibrant? Shadows are a great way to make a horse more voluminous. If you choose to draw the animal, they will give it more volume and help separate it from the background.

You can continue to learn how to draw living creatures by visiting our animal category. has gathered many drawing instructions for a wide range of animals.


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