Good morning, all you beginner as well as professional artists. Welcome to a brand new drawing lesson with 3dvkarts on how to draw a horse. As you can see, it is quite a challenging job to draw an animal rider, especially those who have to overcome obstacles and we are certain that our viewers will be capable of completing this drawing tutorial.

Step 1
In the beginning, we should sketch what the head looks like on a horse. Then draw the long spine line. The line that is drawn on this line will be placed in both the pelvis and thorax. Then draw the limbs and torsos that our horses have. Be attentive to the curves of the legs. Draw the head and back of the cyclist where the pelvis and chest are situated. Additionally, using simple lines, we draw the feet and arms of the rider.

Step 2
Let’s add flesh to the image of the horse. Draw out the form of the torso, as shown in our illustration. Next, with the help of balls, draw out the shoulders and knees. With the aid of figures that are cylindrical, sketch out the legs and arms of our horse.

Step 3
Let’s begin to work on the shape of the horse. Start by drawing out the ears and the muzzle. Then, draw the neck, then expand it into the chest. Draw the horse’s torso’s length. Draw out the hind and front legs. To know more about the shape of a horse take a look at the video tutorial on drawing the horse.

Step 4
Let’s sketch the major aspects of the horse’s body as well as the riders. In the beginning, we sketch a helmet, an outline of the face, and outlines of the clothing worn by the rider. Next, we turn our attention toward the horse and outline the nose, eyes hair, mouth, and eyes of our animal. Next, sketch the reins that are in the hands of the rider as well as on the saddle sketch hairlines.

Step 5
We are now drawing the horse’s rider. Start by drawing the head first and then work our way to the lower part. Draw an outline for the helmet’s outline and facial characteristics. After that, carefully sketch the outline of the clothing worn by the rider by using dark and clear lines and eliminate any guidelines that are not necessary.

Step 6
Let’s begin to work on the specifics of the horse’s body. Take your time drawing all the important lines of the body of the horse, drawing every part of the body, and eliminating any unnecessary instructions. If you feel that this lesson’s fundamentals of drawing a horse’s body are not explained in sufficient detail, refer to the lesson on a horse.

Step 7
If you take a look at your drawing and see that you’re satisfied with it, then not something that is required to be changed This means that it’s time to start working on shadows. Once we have identified the light source then we must apply shadows to the areas of our drawing where light doesn’t fall. Use the pencil with your hands more easily and begin drawing.

Today we taught you the art of drawing a horse’s rider. Be aware of the horse’s posture, since it’s quite complex. You can draw obstacles through which the horse leaps. We also suggest that you learn to draw horses in various poses. For this, you can use images of horses from the Internet. Another important tip we frequently offer in our writings on drawing. You can examine all the dimensions of your drawing simply by placing it on the mirror. Then any mistakes or inconsistencies in the drawing will become obvious.

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