The horse is among the most stunning and elegant animals on the planet. This is the reason why we have created this tutorial on how to draw a horse’s face.

This lesson on drawing the face of a horse is like the previous lesson on how to draw a horse’s head. This is actually a modified and improved version of our previous lesson. This time we attempted to make drawing a horse’s face simpler and more intuitive.

If you follow all of the steps, you’ll be able to draw a realistic horse-face drawing.


Step 1

Then, we sketch the outline of the head of our horse. It’s an elongated round shape, with a broad high top, and an angled lower. Be aware that this design is not required to be in symmetrical way.



Step 2

Let’s sketch out the fundamental features of the horse’s face. To the top are ears that look like two tiny trapezoids. The eyes are slightly lower. We sketch out the location of the eyes with two straight, thin lines. After the procedure, we outline the nostrils.


Step 3

We continue our tutorial on drawing the face of a horse. A man can be the adornment of every horse. Horses can be seen with stunning hairstyles in a variety of cartoons However, in real life, it appears like a beautiful mane of hair. Draw it.


Step 4

A lot of people are amazed by the beauty of the eyes of the horse. Let’s draw this crucial aspect of the face using this step. Utilize round shapes that have almond-shaped. They should be placed slightly diagonally.


Step 5

In this phase, we’ll provide the proper form to the head of our horse. To achieve this, we’ll slightly extend the contours of the base within the eye area, then show a visible diminution towards the teeth.


Step 6

As we get closer to the conclusion of this drawing a horse’s face tutorial, we’ll draw one of the last aspects. It’s a pair of nostrils that appears as symmetrical ovals, with a wavy line that separates the lower and upper jaw.


Step 7

We hope that you’re not getting bored of this tutorial on drawing a horse’s face. We’re nearing completion. In this phase, we’ll finish the final outline of the mane as well as lines to mark the inside of the Auricle.


Step 8

In this stage, we’ll do just a bit of shadow work. For drawing a shadow you must fill the area to be shaded by light shading. First, you can draw the lines of these areas, and then apply them to shade. If you’re not looking to create shadows, you can avoid this step.


Step 9

In this process, we will be able to remove the lines that are not needed from our drawing of the horse’s face. This will make the lines strikingly different. This means that we’ll get something like our sample


This drawing guide on drawing a horse’s face similar to all other tutorials available on is divided into a series of very simple steps to ensure the utmost convenience and accessibility for artists of every skill level. Don’t forget to leave a note in the comments about how easy this lesson was for you. This will assist us in creating excellent and high-quality guides.


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