How to Draw a Horse beginner

How to Draw a Horse beginner

Step 1:

Begin by making a bell shape that will serve as the head and face of the horse.

Step 2:

Under the lower part of the face, go ahead and draw the bandanna scarf. It is easy to do with a simple V, and the tied tails on one side. Add the details on the scarf too.

Step 3:

We will sketch out the face, and then we’ll begin by drawing the eyes. They’re oval-shaped and should be color-coded. Draw the mark on the face, which broadens around the muzzle of the horse. Draw out the nostrils, brows and nostrils that are wide.

Step 4:

Draw the form of the body . Then draw the back and front legs. Make sure to add hooves, too.

Step 5:

The horse should now be given ears and then detail the ears.

Step 6:

Then, add the messy mane as well as the horse’s tail. Eliminate the mistakes and then apply the final detail to the horse’s hair.

Step 7:

It’s done, now you can you can see the color of your horse.

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