How To Draw A Hood -

How To Draw A Hood

How To Draw A Hood

Hoods can represent many things. Hoods can provide mystery and intrigue by covering the face or torso of the stranger who has just entered the tavern.

You can also use them to protect your head from being wet. However, this is slightly less exciting.

They come in many styles and types, regardless of their function. Learning how to draw a Hood can be fun because you can make your own designs.

If you want to know how to do this, then this is the guide for you.

This step-by-step guide will help you draw a hood. You can also customize it and add to it!

1st Step:

This is the first step in our guide to drawing a hood. We will start with the hole through which the face would normally look.

This hole will be drawn in a very unique and lopsided form. It will be a little thinner at the top and gradually thicken as it descends. It will have a smooth, slightly curving right side and a more rounded left.

Once you’ve replicated the shape in the reference image you can add details in the next few steps.

2nd Step:

Hoods are made from soft fabric in real life. Therefore, the next step of your hood drawing is to draw some curve lines that represent the folds of the fabric.

Start by drawing a straight line along the left side of the opening.

Next, we’ll draw some fabric at the bottom of a hood. We will use some curve lines at the base to continue the shape you created in the previous step.

The right-hand side will have an empty space, but we’ll fill it later. Let’s get on with the business!

3rd Step:

The hood that we will be creating would include flaps that would cover your shoulders and protect them from rain and wind.

In this step of our guide, we will draw the first flap.

Begin by drawing a straight line from the center of your hod. Next, draw several flaps using curves until you reach the end of the base to join the hood.

This may seem confusing. The reference image will show you how the fabric flaps should look.

4th Step:

This is the final part of your hood drawing.

To draw the right-hand side, first use a series curved lines. Using lots of curves will make it look more like real fabric.

After that flap is drawn, the right-hand side will be the next. Draw an outline in the same way you did the first one. However, it should be a little less detailed.

We will be adding some details and finishing touches to your project in the next step.

5th Step:

This guide will show you how to draw a hood.

In the previous step, we mentioned that some details would be added to the second flap. We stand by that promise!

For fabric details, you can add straight lines to the flap’s bottom.

To make it more fabric-like, you can add details to the hood or to other parts.

After you’ve completed the details of our guide, you may add details or elements to your own. Perhaps you could draw the face and body of the person wearing the hood.

This, along with drawing a background, could help to create a story around the cool hood. What other ideas could you come up with to enhance this hood drawing

6th Step:

It’s now time to get your hood drawn in some amazing colors! To give the hood an appearance of being made from leathe, we used a variety of brown shades in our reference image.

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