Welcome, dear artists. to this drawing tutorial on drawing a Honda Civic. It is a small car that has a transversely-located engine that is made by Honda.
Step 1
With light lines, sketch out an outline of the exterior of our awesome Honda Civic. It is important to note that the lines of the different automobiles are similar. Additionally, be aware that the lines must not be as clear and even.
Step 2
We continue using lighter lines to sketch the Honda Civic. On the front area, we draw the headlights that are distinctive and the grille for the radiator. In the lateral area, we sketch out the mirrors and wheels.
Step 3
Dear friends, we’ll move on to the detail. With dark and hard lines, sketch out the angular headlights as well as the details of the grille. In the middle of the grille, draw the Honda symbol.
Step 4
With a single long, slightly curving line, draw the hood. Below the grille for radiators, draw out the bumper by using the lower grille as illustrated in our example.
Step 5
The top portion of all cars is like one another, which is why we sketch out the roof as well as the windows on our Honda. Draw the rear-view mirrors, then follow step 6.
Step 6
We will continue to follow the lines of windows to form the doors on the Honda Civic. Draw the handles for the doors. Draw the back and then move on to step 2.
Step 7
Quite a difficult step. The first step is to draw the wheel arches into the shape of semi-ovals. Inside the arches, draw oval wheels.
Step 8
One more difficult step and our stunning Honda Civic will be ready. Inside the wheel, we trace the outline of the rim, in the shape of an oval. Then, in the center of the rim, draw the spokes and a small circle of the rims in our illustration.

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